U.S Visa Application Service In Malaysia

TripVisa.my can assist you to apply U.S Visa in Malaysia.

TripVisa. my is the most convenient way to get U.S visa. We provide U.S visa assistant for customers who prefer faster and more reliable service. No need to do it by yourself to apply a U.S visa. We will assist in visa fee payment to the embassy, fill-up online visa application form and arrange visa interview appointment.

Note: Applicant age more than 14 years old must attend an interview with U.S Embassy.

Our Visa Charges for U.S Visa: MYR 1000.00 (U.S Visa Fee is included). Must be paid in Cash or online transfer to our account.


Step 1 – Contact us using the form below. Our staff will contact you and will ask you to prepare some documents.

Step 2 – Once we get your documents and your payment, we will start processing your application such as visa fee payment to the embassy, fill-up online visa application form and arrange visa interview appointment.

Step 3 – When all are done, we will send the documents to you. You need to bring all these documents when you come for an interview with U.S Embassy.

Step 4 – If your interview is successful, you will get your visa usually 10 year multiple entry. U.S Embassy will courier your passport back within 1 to 3 days.

NOTE: This service only for Malaysian passport holders.

Ready to apply U.S Visa, please fill in the form below:

*Note: We usually will reply back within one hour through email or Whatsapp. If you using Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Mail and do not receive any email, please check your junk/spam folder.

Note For Applicant

Question: My visa application has been refused. Why can’t I get my money back?

Answer:  We’re sorry to hear you didn’t qualify for a United States visa.

Many people are confused about our fee, so we welcome this opportunity to try to explain it.

The fee you paid is actually an application fee. It covers the cost of processing your application from start to finish. The fee has nothing to do with visa issuance or denial. It is a fee for service.

This fee is non-refundable regardless of whether you are issued a visa or not, since your application was processed to conclusion. With a few exceptions, such as applications for diplomatic visas and for exchange visitors travelling on United States Government-sponsored programmes, everyone who applies for a US visa anywhere in the world must pay this fee.

You received the service for which you paid. The fee pays for every step of your application process. It pays the salaries of all the people who assisted you at the embassy. It pays for the computers used to process your visa. It pays for lighting and air conditioning in the waiting rooms. We have no financial incentive to deny or approve any visa application [as] the costs of processing an application from start to finish are basically the same in both cases.

We understand that it takes time and money to apply for a visa, and we hope that all visa applicants review [information on] our website before completing an application. That way, a traveller who may not be qualified will be spared needless expenses and inconvenience.

You can find more information on consular fees and services on the embassy’s website, and on travel.state.gov, the website of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Reminder: Your visa appointment time is your arrival time, NOT your interview time. Do not show up earlier than your appointment time, please.

Updated: 7th July 2019